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. Fea·tured (fē′chərd) Adj. 1. Given Special Prominence, Attention, Or Publicity: A Featured Item At A Sale. 2. Having A Specified Kind Of Facial Features. Often Used In Combination: Sharp-featured; Plain-featured. Featured Adj (in Combination) Having Features As Specified: Heavy-featured. Fea•tured (ˈfi Tʃərd) Adj. 1. Made A Feature Or … Verb (used With Object), Fea·tured, Fea·tur·ing. To Be A Feature Or Distinctive Mark Of: It Was Industrial Expansion That Featured The Last Century. To Make A Feature Of; Give Prominence To: To Feature A Story Or Picture In A Newspaper. To Delineate The Main Characteristics Of; Depict; Outline. Recent Examples On The Web. This Is A Full-featured Android Phone, But The Simple Home Screen Really Makes The Palm Phone Feel More Like A Limited Media Device Than A Do-it-all Smartphone.— Ron Amadeo, Ars Technica, “palm Phone Review: Fun, Endearing, And Bad At Everything,” 1 Dec. 2018 At One Point, The Show Featured Giant Images Of Kim Shaking Hands With South Korean President Moon Jae-in ….

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