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File Orig glamper camper trailer remodel|

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. Usually The Original File Extension Is Included With The File Name When The Orig File Is Created. For Example, If An Orig File Is Being Created From A File With The Name Of Document1c, The File Name Would Be Changed To Document1c.orig. When Creating Orig Files, You Should Name The File In Such A Way That It Is Easy To Remember What File Type The Original File Is. For Example, When Backing Up An Xml File, You May Use The Compound Extension “.xml.orig” So That You Know It Is An Xml File. Note: Original Files Also Use The .ori Extension. Orig Files Are Backup Files Primarily Associated With Gen Original File. Orig Files Are Also Associated With Unknown Apple Ii File (found On Golden Orchard Apple Ii Cd Rom) And Fileviewpro. Additional Types Of Files May Also Be Using The Orig File Extension..

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